Chinese style beef stew night

Sunday was a super relaxing day! I actually woke up and got out of bed before 12 (10 am… i don’t ever wake up on my own that early on weekends) and got some laundry and apt chores done. WOOT!

To energize myself for a morning full of cleaning etc. i busted out a melted cheese on sourdough, the bread that my friend had given me the other after trip to Little Norway. I think I’m absolutely in love with this bread… enough to probably make a trip to Willy st just for it. And because I try to limit my coffee intake… as in no coffee on the weekends rule, I had this lovely bread + cheese with some OJ.

So saturday after my little trip out of Madison, I decided to cook up some mm mm good beef stew! I used beef shank (I love the taste of the meat), daikon (was craving this so I guess that’s how this dish came into mind), carrots, and threw in some cabbage at the last minute for some more veggies. I cooked it in soy sauce, some sugar, 3 anise, garlic, onion, green onion, 5 spice, and a cup or two of water and basically just let it simmer for a while. The wait was slightly painful, soooooo

To keep myself from thinking of how hungry I was, I cooked up some tomato egg and cucumber. Its simple and easy, just added some chicken bouillon, salt and ta da!

This was dinner from last night with leftover beef stew (still eating it today and tomorrow for lunch) and stir fried some sweet pepper, cucumber, and black fungus (yea sounds nasty but I’ve read that it’s a key herbal detox ingredient).

And to reward myself from all the cooking I did this weekend, I had some haagen dazs. My dad bought me a box of this from Costco when he came to help me move (back in Aug) and I’ve been a very good girl by not over indulging in this.

So sadly, tomorrow may be my last serving of my beef stew. It was good while it lasted, but I think I’m ready for a new main course, perhaps Digiorno pizza? I was seriously craving this as I was driving home from work today… but I forced myself out of the idea. I realized I only crave for pizza when I’m stressed and/or was at work for way too long (8-7). Yup, the good o’ life of a grad student.